Frequently Asked Questions

The process of applying for a Personal Loan with Mangalam Industrial Finance Limited is straightforward and expeditious. Simply adhere to the eligibility criteria, furnish the necessary documents outlined in the Personal Loan document list, and complete a user-friendly online application form.

Certainly, instant approval for a Mangalam Industrial Finance Limited Personal Loan is attainable. It's important to note that this perk is exclusively available to applicants who satisfy all the Personal Loan eligibility criteria.

Several factors influence the interest rate on a Personal Loan. To ensure the most favourable rate, consider the following tips:

  • Fulfil all eligibility criteria and provide the necessary documents. Maintain a high Credit Score.
  • Uphold a commendable repayment track record and credit history.
  • Sustain employment stability and enjoy a consistent income.

The minimum loan amount available is 1 Lakh, while the maximum loan amount stands at 30 Lakh.

For a Mangalam Industrial Finance Limited Personal Loan, the minimum loan tenure is one year, with the maximum duration extending to five years.

The interest rate for Mangalam Industrial Finance Limited's Personal Loan commences at a competitive 9.99%* p.a. Additionally, a processing fee, equivalent to up to 2% of the sanctioned amount plus applicable taxes, is required for processing the loan application. For a detailed breakdown of applicable interest rates and charges, please refer to our dedicated webpage.

No, there is no extra charge or penalty for foreclosing your loan prematurely, provided that the payments are made using your own funds.

To obtain a Mangalam Industrial Finance Limited Personal Loan, only essential documents such as KYC documents, address proofs, income documents, etc., need to be submitted. The comprehensive list of required Personal Loan documents is accessible online.

*Terms & Conditions Apply

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