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Mangalam Industrial Finance Limited ’s corporate governance philosophy is based on the principles of equity, fairness, transparency, spirit of law and honest communication. The Company believes that sound corporate governance is necessary to retain stakeholders’ trust and ensures efficient working and proper conduct of the business of the company with integrity. Development of Corporate Governance guidelines is a continuous process, which evolves over a period of time and undergoes changes to suit the changing times and needs of the business, society and the nation.

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Notice of Record Date


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Proceedings of EGM 18.04.2022

Outcome of EGM 18.04.2022

Notice of EGM 09.03.2022

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Board Meeting Intimation 18.05.2022

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Board Meeting Intimation 05.02.2022

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Board Meeting Intimation 02.08.2021

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Other Fillings with Stock Exchange

Disclosure for Not falling under Large Corporate 29.04.2022

Compliance Certificate Under Reg 40(9) of SEBI LODR, 2015

Compliance Certificate under Reg 7(3) of SEBI LODR 13.04.2022

Disclosure_for_not _falling_under _Large_Entity_ 06.04.2022

Disclosure under Reg 30(1) 30(2) of SEBI (SAST) 06.04.2022

Disclosure under Reg 31(4) of SEBI (SAST) 06.04.2022

Compliance_Certificate_74 (5) 04.04.2022

Intimation for Closure of Trading_Window 31.03.2022

Intimation of the change of RTA 23.03.2022

Independent Director Meeting Outcome 14.02.2022

Compliance certificate 74(5) of the SEBI 08.01.2022

Intimation of closure of trading window 31.12.2021

Disclosure of related party transaction 01.12.2021

Reclassification of Promotors 01.12.2021

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Newspaper Publication 15.03.2022

Newspaper Publication 15.03.2022

Newspaper Publication 10.03.2022

Newspaper Publication 10.03.2022

Newspaper Publication 15.02.2022

Newspaper Publication 16.11.2021

Newspaper Publication 28.08.2021

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Newspaper Publication 24.05.2021

Newspaper Publication 15.05.2021

Newspaper Publication 15.02.2021

Newspaper Publication 05.02.2021

Newspaper Publication 05.12.2020

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Newspaper Publication 02.11.2020

Newspaper Publication 16.09.2020

Newspaper Publication 09.09.2020

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Newspaper Publication 10.11.2018

Newspaper Publication 01.11.2018

Newspaper Publication 14.08.2018

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Details of compliance officer & RTA

Details of Compliance Officer & RTA

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The Company has not entered any agreement with Media companies.