About Us

The company was incorporated on 8th February, 1983 vide Corporate Incorporation No. L65993WB1983PLC035815 under the Companies Act, 1956 with an object to carry on the business of Financing Industrial Enterprises by way of lending and advancing money for machinery, land, building shed or such other things as payment finance.

On 23rd May, 1983 the object was amended further to make investment /trading in shares & securities etc and to carry on all types of financing business including Housing Finance. In the year 1983 the object clause was further amended to manufacture and trade in agriculture based products of soil viz; tobacco, jute, cotton, textiles sugarcane, vegetable products, oilseeds, food grains etc. The Company intended to operate in two segments i.e. NBFC and Agriculture based industry. However the Company is solely concentrating in the NBFC segment and we are registered as a Non Banking Financial Company with RBI, Kolkata and currently we are primarily focusing on providing various financial solutions. In the year 2021, there has been change in the Control & Management of the Company pursuant to successful completion of Open Offer by the Acquirers (Mr. Venkata Ramana & others).